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What is Reformed Events?

Previously known as NC Photography.

Reformed Events is a professional photography business driven by the desire to deliver value to its clients. At Reformed Events we go beyond our call to deliver high quality and creative images to our clients to ensure they overwhelmed with their experience with us start to finish.

At Reformed Events we understand that delivering world class output is partly driven by the quality of tools employed in delivering the job. In this light, we ensure that our equipment is top of the range and is in top working condition.


Nick Cheneler

Executive Director

Photography is definitely my burning passion, what gets me up each day as it brings me so much personal happiness. Each event I photograph, I am eternally grateful to capture people’s life stories through my camera lenses.

Zack Phillips

Photographic Assistant

I assist Nick with his business and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Upon first working with Nick I had no idea about photography or web development but now I am truly passionate about both of those things - I exclusively love wedding photography; especially knowing that we are working behind the scenes for someone’s most special day.


Message from the 
Executive Director

Since 2016, I’ve been working with couples to capture their special day exactly as they want it. With years of experience in the industry, I’ve learned that every couple is different. Some want a big affair captured in bright color. Others prefer a more intimate gathering documented in black and white. I approach each event with a fresh vision and a passion to discover and capture the magic of the wedding day. Whatever you choose, I am here to ensure that every moment is captured beautifully.

I view my photographs as a celebration of life. Whatever it is I'm photographing my vision is inspired by the love, laughter and joy that surrounds us. 

Get in touch with me today to get started.


Why Choose Reformed Events

Speedy & Efficient

One of the worst things after your perfect wedding day is to be waiting half the year to get your images back! We don't mess around, in face as an average figure, we have your images edited within 3-5 weeks! Just in time for your arrival back from your dreamy honeymoon.

Accurate & Honest

We are driven by precision. Our aim is to get everything perfect each and every time. You will constantly be updated and kept in the loop. We understand that finding reliable vendors often proves troublesome, but we guarantee 110% satisfaction with each and every booking. We won't settle for any less.

Friendly & Personal

I like to get to know my couples; to find out what centres them - the core of their relationship. How they met, where their first date was. I want to know the emotions they feel and to be able to laugh with them. When you book with me, I am your friend and I am here to capture your love story.