Our COVID-19 Statement

As I am sure everyone is aware, the entire world is battling an unprecedented virus at the minute.

I will be stopping all face to face meetings. These will be conducted via Skype/FaceTime or just a good old fashioned phone call.

I have been asked recently numerous times what happens next, so I will put a little Q and A below for some of these questions and try to answer to the best of my knowledge given the current situation we are all facing. 

Q and A: 

What happens if you (the client) have to rearrange/cancel your wedding? 

If your date is changed, cancelled or postponed by yourself, a registrar/church or the wedding venue, I still want to capture your wedding day so I am fully committed to rearranging with you. As long as I am free on the rescheduled date, there will be zero penalties for you rearranging. We will have to exchange a new contract just to cover the date change but that’s it. Your booking fees and payments will be carried over. Simple and stress free.  

On the flipside of this, if I am unable to cover your new date then the terms of the contract will come into effect. My number one focus will always be to cover your new date though.  

What happens if you (the client) just want to cancel due to the virus?  

If for whatever reason you just have to cancel your wedding completely then our agreement would be bound by the contract we exchanged when you first booked me. If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.  

Will there be any delay with my photos and albums being delivered? 

I am not aware of any problems with the labs I use to print my photos and albums, but this could quite possibly end up becoming an issue. All I can say is I will inform you as soon as I find out that there would be an issue. 

It is a scary time for all of the country, but it is especially worrying for all self-employed people in the wedding and events industry. I am doing my best to support all the self-employed people I know, please consider doing the same. This is also the perfect example of just how important wedding insurance is – I can’t advise enough just how essential this is for my couples who are getting married in the future.  

Stay safe, 

Nick x


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